Self/Blog Introduction


I welcome you to my tiny little corner of the internet where I write about anything and everything that I want to write about. Here you will find a lot of confessional journal entries, as well as my poetry, and some good ‘ol fashioned venting, or in other words, bitching, about the things that have me feeling angry or sad.

A trigger warning for, and list of these topics, includes my trauma from: child abuse; bullying in junior and high school; severe abuse from men within it, and from the evil ideologies of the BDSM culture itself; sexual assaults I’ve experienced and the topic of it in general; sexual repulsion due to those traumas; abuse from the Christian/Catholic community; trying to heal mentally/emotionally from being catfished online over four years, having further trust issues because of this, and also completely negative feelings about online dating because of the experience; as well as instances of racism and hate crimes I’ve endured; also eating disorder and body-dysphoria struggles.

I will definitely post some happy things here, though rarely, such as topics like: my longtime love for all kinds of art but especially writing, some of my doodling and paintings, my poetry which is often very ripe with nature symbolism (heh, see what I did there?), adventures in concerts and my journey to learn the guitar, about wanting to become an English Teacher and/or Editor of a publishing company and/or published writer of poetry and science fiction books; of my love and respect for spirituality, the Spirit realm plus all things Wicca and Pagan, the ongoing process of my self-love and of finally taking time to nurture and care for myself, my empathy for people of all nationalities and creeds and genders and sexual orientations and walks of life, as well as my nerdy fascination with science fiction video games and movies specifically that have strong hero and/or anti-hero characters, plus very much more. . .  

But be aware that this is my personal writing space, and I am writing here first and foremost for myself, because the act of writing painful things out helps me heal. You are welcome to come and read my soul like an open book, or an, open blog I should say. You are also welcome, to feel some type of way about what I write. However, you are never welcome to try and bully, shame, or abuse me in any manner. If you are going to comment, and contact me, come correct. First I treat people how I want to be treated (with love and respect). But if they do not reciprocate that good treatment, I will reciprocate their bad treatment, and defend and protect myself accordingly. Also, plagiarizers would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Please always take my words with a grain of salt, and I hope you can get something positive out of visiting my blog.

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